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Let Me De-Clutter Your Home or Home Office

The Clutter Bug

Our Services

Our in-home organising service is designed for anything as small as the “second kitchen drawer” to the whole home – and everything between. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the pantry, wardrobe, whole bedroom, living areas, kids rooms, bathrooms etc.

The Clutter Bug works directly with clients to:

  • Help with the sorting and de-cluttering process
  • Assist with deciding the real – and relative – importance of every item
  • Understand and recognise the difference between “emotional“ and “physical” clutter
  • Set up simple and easy to use storage systems
  • Wardrobe planning and organisation
  • Kitchen planning and organisation
  • Source and purchase any storage or other items (if necessary)
  • Provide telephone support & assistance for one month from project completion
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Home Office

A cluttered or messy working environment can be a distraction and reduce productivity. Whether you’re working from a home office or running a small business, The Clutter Bug can assist with:

  • Helping the sorting and de-cluttering process
  • Assistance & information on how long paperwork must be kept for tax purposes etc
  • Establishing filing systems
  • Developing storage systems
  • Sourcing and purchase of any storage or other items (if necessary)
  • Sourcing and purchase of functional office furniture (if necessary)
  • Introducing the RAFT System – Read, Attention, File & Trash
  • Creation of order and associated reduction in distractions within the office environment
  • Provision of telephone support & assistance for one month from project completion


Has your garage, like many others, become a repository for ‘storing’ everything for which you can’t find any other logical home – or don’t seem to have space for elsewhere?

Can you even get your car in the garage? You’d be surprised how many families can’t!

The Clutter Bug is expert at creating space through better organisation and management – and space created within living areas could allow you to retrieve important or useful items from the garage to occupy their logical place within the home.

Within the garage itself, after months or years of anything and everything just being dumped in there, it can be practically impossible to find the items you actually need! The Clutter Bug helps you sort, categorise and organise your garage in a logical manner, enabling you to put your hand on important items as the need arises – and to get the car in and out without scratches.

Real Estate Requirements

When selling your house you want potential buyers to see, and appreciate, a spacious and uncluttered home that invites them to see themselves and their family living comfortably there.

Maximising the selling-price means ensuring the home is clean and well presented. De-cluttering throughout all living spaces is an ideal way to help achieve this objective.

The Clutter Bug will work with you to achieve the calm and welcoming environment you need to present to potential buyers during inspections.

This service involves only the packing of items for temporary storage while your home is on the market. It does not involve sorting and disposal of any items.

The Clutter Bug can also assist when moving into a new home or office. Helping you unpack and implementing systems and strategies that get you off on the right foot to maintaining an organised and clutter-free home or office.

Dining Room Dinning
Deceased Estates

For some people, the prospect of going through the home and sorting out the belongings of a deceased family member or friend can be distressing and overwhelming. Particularly if there is no other friend or family member living geographically close enough to share the duty and provide comfort.

The Clutter Bug can help organise:

  • Identification, inventorying and sorting of items into categories (e.g. distribute to family / sell / dispose of)
  • Distribution of relevant items to family, friends or charities in accordance with the deceased’s and family wishes
  • Sale or disposal of unwanted items as appropriate
  • Pre-sale preparation of home ready for inspection, including cleaning and de-cluttering, garden tidy and small general maintenance tasks
  • Post-sale packing, removal and cleaning ready for handover
Written Report Services

The Clutter Bug is able to provide home and business owners with a number of written reports, including:

  • Inventory of home or office contents, fixtures and fittings; particularly useful pre-sale or for rental properties and depreciation planning
  • Audit of previously inventoried items
  • Analysis of current organisational status and suggestions for improvement
  • Plans for development of organising and storage solutions
Disposal Services

Once you have identified all of your unwanted items, The Clutter Bug will organise for their sale or disposal. Sales can be organised online, via a garage-sale or through local advertising. We liaise with local charities which are often happy to come and collect clothing, home-wares and furniture (usually at no cost). Any items unsuitable for passing on will be sent to the local council or commercial dump or recycling centre, as appropriate. We also source and organise services providing for the disposal of confidential or sensitive personal and business information/artefacts in a secure manner. Costs associated with utilising these secure services are in addition to our standard fees.

Whatever your organising and storage solution requirements, contact Leesa Kotis - The Clutter Bug - today.