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About Us

I’m Leesa Kotis – The Clutter Bug – accredited expert in dispelling chaos and restoring order in homes, offices and lives.

My organisational skills are derived from an employment background which includes many years working with multi-national advertising agencies, for two charities – Child Flight and Parramatta Mission – and a State Child Protection Service, in senior administrative positions. Each of these positions required me to ensure either one individual or a group of staff were well organised and running smoothly. Facing and overcoming day-to-day challenges presented by running teams, large and small, became opportunities for me to hone my own planning and organisational skills and to subsequently build a business around them.

The birth of my second daughter was the inspiration for me to step-back from full-time employment and allow myself to spend time, and simply enjoy, just being a Mum – dropping-off and collecting my daughter from school, taking her to after school events and other interests. It was apparent that a practical way to achieve this was to work for myself in some way that made the most of my existing skill-set and provided the extra freedom to fit round an ever-expanding list of family-oriented activities.

Having assisted friends and family with the organisation of their homes and offices on many occasions over the years, it occurred to me that there could be a market for such a service on a professional basis. While researching the possibilities, I came across the Australasian Association of Professional Organisers (AAPO) and discovered a small group of like-minded people were already providing similar services. That was it – The Clutter Bug was born! I immediately registered the business name and have been going from strength-to-strength ever since. Today the number of Professional Organisers has grown immensely – that in itself is probably a good indicator of just how time-poor many families are these days.

The Clutter Bug is a proud member of IOPO International Organisation of Professional Organisers. Being the peak body for Professional Organisers both here in Australia, and in New Zealand, IOPO has two important and complementary roles:

Educate the public about professional organising, promote the services of its members and help Professional Organisers develop new skills and meet required standards of practice.

If your home or business life would benefit from a bit more organisation, contact me, Leesa Kotis – The Clutter Bug – today.