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Tackling Paper Clutter

The amount of paper that enters our homes, on a daily basis, can be overwhelming; junk mail, bills, kid’s artwork, school correspondence, general correspondence, work papers, newspapers, magazines, take away menus, instruction manuals etc Following are some easy steps to get started in taming the paper clutter in your home. Get It All Together Bring all the paper in your home to one place that you have designated to be your sorting station. Establish four piles; to be recycled, to be filed, to be actioned and to be scanned. Start sorting through each piece of paper and place in the …read more

What happened for me to become so unorganised?

Life . . . that’s what happened! Our lives are so fast paced now, sometimes just the smallest event can disrupt our whole routine.  Sometimes for an hour or two, a week, or in my case, a couple of months. .  . nearly six to be exact. Occasionally my health requires that I take a step back and re-charge my batteries.  This normally two week break took nine.  Medication changes etc. slowed everything down. We also had renovations planned to begin in mid to late January. My beautiful husband decided that we should escape for the Christmas period to have a nice break …read more

Welcome The Cooler Months

Three good reasons to get organised during the upcoming cooler months. 1. It gets cold outside! 2. It gets wet outside! 3. It gets cold and wet outside! A fourth reason has just struck me. Spring! Spring is my favourite season of the year. The sun is shining war mer, the air has a beautiful crispness, all the gorgeous new baby animals, planting season veges and flowers, excercising outdoors and my favourite, the growing opportunities to spend time on the water and on the beach. Still too cold for swimming, but water and the beach seems to be what I …read more

Take two . . . Murphy’s Law

Just quickly, I have titled this “Take Two . . . Murphy’s Law” because as I was writing this blog, of which I was really happy with, we had a complete blackout in Kellyville, therefore loosing my blog after my session time ended during said blackout.  Ok . . . partly my fault . . . should have saved it earlier.  As I said “Take two”. With a few variations along the way, it is mostly agreed that the saying “Murphy’s Law” (“If anything can go wrong, it will”) was born at Edwards Air Force Base in 1949 at North …read more

New Year’s Resolutions . . . Not Me!!

It’s February already!  Never mind that.  How are you going with your New Year Resolutions?  What did you resolve to do this year? Maybe . . . *  Get organised . . . of course you did! *  Give up smoking . . . a very common choice? *  Spend more time with family and friends . . . more relax time! *  Get out of debt, save more money . . . it’s a tough one in today’s economic climate! *  Loose weight and get fit . . . yep, made this one over the years! *  Travel somewhere …read more

The Today Show!

Last Wednesday morning I received a phone call from Sophie, who introduced herself, as a Producer from The Today Show on Channel 9.  My heart immediately jumped into my throat.  They couldn’t possibly want me to appear on TV could they?  The answer was “Yes”.  Panic set in.  I couldn’t possibly do that could I.  My first reaction was to tell her that I thought she might have the wrong person to do that.  Maybe another Professional Organiser might be able to help out.  After continuing to chat on the phone for about 20 minutes she assured me that I …read more

Aghhhh! It’s only 4 weeks until Christmas! Don’t Panic!

Aghhhhhh!  Christmas will be here in under a month! How did that happen? What happened to the 364 days leading up to Christmas?  Being a Professional Organiser one would think that I would be completely prepared and ready to go. I have a friend, Shirley, who the day after Christmas last year, announced on her Facebook Timeline that it was only “364 days until Christmas”. Thanks Shirley!  In hindsight, I really should have made a note. Like so many people, I work, I have a family to look after, I have to clean, do washing, ironing, keep up with family and friends (which …read more

There’s a little of Sheldon in all of us

The Big Bang Theory’s character of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, makes me laugh, sometimes until I’m in tears.  On occasion though, it has been scary when his behaviour reminds me that there are hints of “Sheldon” in me! For example: i)  I don’t like things being changed without prior knowledge. Ok, Ok, actually I don’t like change if I haven’t been the one to change things. ii)  I like things neat and orderly. iii)  I don’t like environmental chaos.  I can’t concentrate properly! iv)  I like to know ahead of time what is planned. v)  I’m no good with …read more

Taking Liberties

My number one rule when working with a client, and sorting items for disposal is NEVER, NEVER throw anything out without the client’s permission. Why then, at home do I sometimes not follow the same rules?  What is the difference? Nothing . . . absolutely nothing!  Everyone’s personal possessions are theirs, and it is only their decision to let go of something. My husband, Dean, was recently a victim of my “taking liberties”  And so the story goes . . . My husband is a huge lover of t-shirts, especially those with motorbike references.  We have been married for 21 years and the …read more

Spring Has Sprung – Getting Started With Your Spring Clean

Spring Has Sprung Spring is my favourite time of the year, beautiful weather, baby animals, stunning flowers . . . and my birthday . . . just saying!  My mum used to tell me that I was born during the most stunning time of the year. She didn’t however mention the whole “Spring Clean” thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for clean, but like Valentine’s Day, I don’t think it needs to be saved for one day, or time of the year.  If we keep on top of all these smaller tasks it doesn’t need to become this huge …read more