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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s now the middle of January, and hopefully those of you who have made New Year’s Resolutions are still on track with them . . . even just one of them is a huge achievement. Besides loosing weight/getting fit, giving up smoking, for many of us getting organised is a massive priority. Whether it is to be more organised in our personal life or our professional life, our home or even ourselves, for some it may appear to be just to daunting. Benjamin Franklin said, “For every minute spent in organising, an hour is earned.”  Imagine what we could all do with a …read more

The Kitchen Second Drawer

Just about every kitchen one has one. The drawer where all the larger utensils live, a catch-all for smaller items eg batteries, safety pins, small screwdrivers etc and generally is impossible to find anything. This is one small organising job that doesn’t take long to complete, will enable you to find kitchen utensils much more quickly and once organised is so much easier to keep that way. Give the drawer a clean Donate or throw away any items that are never used.  You would be surprised at the number that are hiding in the bottom of that drawer!! Separate all …read more