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Let Me De-Clutter Your Home or Home Office

Decessed Estates

Having had to sort and organise both my parent’s home after they had passed away, I completely understand how overwhelming this job can be and the compassion needed.

Firstly, The Clutter Bug will follow your family member’s wishes according the their final Will or work with the elected executor of the estate.

  • Sorting, grouping and organising all personal items
  • Organising the packing of items for delivery to various locations
  • Organise the delivery of goods to charity
  • Organise removalists
  • Organise storage if required
  • Provide basic packing items, cardboard boxes, wrapping paper
  • Be there on moving day and supervise the removalists
  • Organise rubbish removal and vacate cleaning
  • Organise a Stylist for the home if required.

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