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Let Me De-Clutter Your Home or Home Office


Has your garage, like many others, become a repository for ‘storing’ everything for which you can’t find any other logical home – or don’t seem to have space for elsewhere?

Can you get your car in the garage? You’d be surprised how many families can’t!

The Clutter Bug is expert at creating space through better organisation and management – and space created within living areas could allow you to retrieve important or useful items from the garage to occupy their logical place within the home.

Within the garage itself, after months or years of anything and everything just being dumped in there, it can be practically impossible to find the items you actually need! The Clutter Bug helps you sort, categorise and organise your garage in a logical manner, enabling you to put your hand on important items as the need arises – and to get the car in and out without scratches.


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