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Let Me De-Clutter Your Home or Home Office

Real Estate Requirements

When selling your home you want potential buyers to see, and appreciate, a spacious and uncluttered home that invites them to see themselves and their family living comfortably there.

Maximising the selling-price means ensuring the home is clean and well presented. De-cluttering throughout all living spaces is an ideal way to help achieve this objective.

The Clutter Bug can assist

  • Tour your home and discuss the plan for each room
  • Assist with the de-cluttering and sorting of all items
  • Packing of all remaining items that need to be placed in temporary storage while your home is on the market.
  • Boxes numbered and provide a full inventory of contents
  • Mention any visible maintenance issues that may need to be addressed
  • Organisation of short-term storage if necessary
  • Provide boxes and wrapping paper
  • Provide a Clutter Bug Moving Home Checklist

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