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Decluttering Kids Bedroom

Virtual Sessions

Given the current climate with Covid-19

The Clutter Bug can now provide Virtual In-Home Services. These virtual sessions are provided via Zoom.

Starting with an initial phone call we will discuss your needs.

Decluttering Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Does the thought of having a professional organiser in your home feel overwhelming?

  You are not alone.

The Initial Consultation is a great way to meet Leesa and discuss your requirements and how she can work with you.

Virtual toy organisational session

In-Home Services

Our in-home organising service is our most popular .

This service is designed for any organising help you may need, as small as sorting out the “second kitchen drawer” through to the whole home and everything else.

Home Office File Organisation

Home office

A cluttered or messy working environment can be a distraction and reduce productivity.

The Clutter Bug can assist with the sorting and de-cluttering process and put systems and processes in place.

Decluttering miscellaneous home items


Has your garage, like many others, become a repository for ‘storing’ everything for which you can’t find any other logical home – or don’t seem to have space for elsewhere?

Can you get your car in the garage?

You’d be surprised how many families can’t!

organising craft supplies

Real Estate Requirements

When selling your home you want potential buyers to see, and appreciate, a spacious and uncluttered home that invites them to see themselves and their family living comfortably there.

De-cluttering throughout all living spaces is an ideal way to help achieve this objective.

New Home Set Up Service

New Home Set-Up

The Clutter Bug can also assist when moving into your new home.

Helping you unpack and implementing systems and strategies that get you off on the right foot to maintaining an organised and clutter-free home.

Deceased Estates Decluttering

Deceased Estates

Having had to sort and organise both my parent’s home after they had passed away, I completely understand how overwhelming this job can be and the compassion needed.

Firstly, The Clutter Bug will follow your family member’s wishes according to their final Will.


Leesa is wonderful, and has brilliant ideas for how to help manage a busy home with 4 children, including three teenagers.  She is patient and listens to what is important for the family.  After Leesa’s help, our house feels more calm and organised, our children more capable of keeping their rooms tidy, and I feel less stressed because there is less mess (most of the time!).


Based in Sydney’s Northwest Hills District, but servicing all the Sydney Metro area

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