The Big Bang Theory’s character of Dr. Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, makes me laugh, sometimes until I’m in tears.  On occasion though, it has been scary when his behaviour reminds me that there are hints of “Sheldon” in me! For example:

i)  I don’t like things being changed without prior knowledge. Ok, Ok, actually I don’t like change if I haven’t been the one to change things.

ii)  I like things neat and orderly.

iii)  I don’t like environmental chaos.  I can’t concentrate properly!

iv)  I like to know ahead of time what is planned.

v)  I’m no good with situations being thrust upon me unexpectedly.

vi) Sometimes when I go somewhere I would LOVE to start rearranging things and straightening things up.  Sometimes it takes all of my willpower not to do this!!  I’m guessing Sheldon would!

vii) I have been known to pull products forward on shelves in the supermarket so they are all in order . . .

So . . . you can imagine my excitement, when in one episode Sheldon is folding t-shirts in their building’s laundry using a clothes folder.  His t-shirts are folded perfectly each and every time . . ahh Heaven! Yes, I bought myself one.  I love my new clothes folder.  When it arrived I took out every single one of my t-shirts, long and short sleeved, and refolded.  Yes, my husband does think I am mad. My daughters’ think I’m crazy.  I don’t care!  Do you know why?? Because all of my t-shirts are neatly folded and stacked perfectly in my wardrobe! Having them folded this way also allows more t-shirts to be stacked in one pile.

These wonderful items can be purchased on-line everywhere.  Just Google “clothes folder” and the listings are endless.  There are two sizes available, one for children and one for adults.  Mine cost about $20.00.