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How much does it cost?

Please see our Costs Page.

Do I need a professional organiser?
  • Does it take you a long time to find what you are looking for?
  • Do you have multiples of the same item because you couldn’t find the original?
  • Do you want to minimise the things and areas that you need to clean?
  • You want to save money on buying objects that you don’t really need?
  • Do you want your home to feel calm when you come through the front door?
  • Do you want more time to spend with the people and things that are the most important in your life?

If you answered yes to one or a few of these questions, then a Professional Organiser can help.

How long will it take?

Are you quick at making decisions? There are no hard and fast rules here!

The amount of time differs for each and every client. Some items can bring up some memories and thoughts, taking extra time to think about. Some people can make a decision in minutes, some can take a little longer.

You may not have any emotional response to an item.  These are the easiest things to make decisions on take the least amount of time.

Looking at the whole space can cause a huge amount of anxiety for some clients.  How do you eat an elephant?  One bite at a time!  The same theory exists for de-cluttering and organising.  We will look at and concentrate on small areas at a time.

On average, a regular room can take anywhere between three to six hours.

How small, or large is the area to be organised?

Is it a wardrobe? Is it a whole house? Is it a garage that has been used as a dumping ground for many years? Remember that we will be looking at each and every item in the space.  One area may take a couple of hours and some could take a number of days.

How willing are you to complete homework tasks?

Don’t worry, we are not returning to school and getting marked on what we achieve or what we don’t. Homework is set to help you make some decisions without the support of The Clutter Bug. It can also minimise the time that you need The Clutter Bug and can help with your budget.

How motivated are you?

Clutter does not appear overnight. It can take months or years. Therefore, the problem cannot be fixed overnight. Many clients have made the firm decision to get the job done. Others are still sitting on the fence as to how they feel about the de-cluttering process.

Is this worst you have ever seen? / This must be the worst you have seen!

Most importantly I am not in your home to judge you or your home.  I am there to support you, to be understanding and make you feel comfortable in the process.

As long as you don’t have any actual real skeletons in your closet, I’ve pretty much seen it all!

Your home must be perfect?

No, it’s not perfect!  I have a husband, one remaining daughter at home who is chaos on legs, two dogs, a job, a home to clean AND sometimes life just happens. There are times when I feel overwhelmed with the amount of things that I need to get done.

Most importantly my home is functional, and it works for us.  My pantry is not Instagram perfect.  Everything is not colour co-ordinated but I can find things that I am looking for when I need them and that is the aim of decluttering and getting organised.

Living in the home that I was born into over 75 years ago there was quite an accumulation of “clutter” in every room and cupboard and I was seeing no light at the end of the tunnel. With more than a little trepidation (and embarrassment) I contacted Leesa of “The Clutter Bug” and what a great decision that was.

Leesa was not only professional and trustworthy, but she was non-judgemental, warm, friendly, understanding and full of practical advice. I also found her to have an excellent knowledge of and willingness to assist with recycling and donating goods that were still useful – given my great unwillingness to “just throw things away”.

My feelings of being swamped are now a thing of the past and there is now a lot of light at the end of that tunnel and it’s not an oncoming train! Leesa also set up very structured filing for the large amount of paperwork that I had and that was almost overwhelming me.

To anyone accepting that they need some assistance regards decluttering and getting some order into their life – contact Leesa!


Based in Sydney’s Northwest Hills District, but servicing all the Sydney Metro area

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