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Let Me De-Clutter Your Home or Home Office

In light of the current Covid-19 situation, The Clutter Bug continues to provide In-Home Services. At this time some indivduals may suffer additional anxiety or depression due to the current lock-down regulations and in turn spending more time in a cluttered or disorganised environment. The Clutter Bug is happy to assist those that feel they may need some additional support.

Leesa will carry out proper hygiene and social distancing protocols to protect my clients, and myself. Masks and gloves will be worn and hand sanitiser used regularly.

I have completed my Department of Health/AspenMedical Covid-19 Infection Control Training.

We continue to keep up to date with State and Federal Government guidelines.

Create Order From Chaos

Bringing order and organisation to families and home-based businesses throughout Sydney. Does it seem like your home or home office is a perfect example of chaos? Can’t find anything? Floundering in a sea of paperwork? Feeling disorganised, stressed or overwhelmed by the size of the organisational task ahead? Lacking time, energy or simply the inclination to get started with the declutter you so badly need? You aren’t alone. As a Professional Organiser, sometimes known as a Personal Organiser, The Clutter Bug can help! Based in Sydney’s Northwest Hills District, but servicing all the Sydney Metro area, The Clutter Bug creates order from chaos with practical applications to get you organised quickly and efficiently. It always appears that modern families and individuals are largely time-poor. How many of us would welcome more time to spend on the activities we enjoy? Instead, we devote much of our precious family time trying to get organised and create extra time for living – without ever seeming to get ahead of the game. All too easily we’re in a perpetual cycle of disorganisation and diminished free time, resulting in those unnecessarily familiar feelings of anxiety, frustration and stress – and an accompanying inability to move forward in our lives. The Clutter Bug specialises in giving you back your life, your space and your family time. Our organisational skills will help you tidy whatever clutter has been slowly building over time in your particular situation. No more drowning in paperwork. No tripping over children’s toys. Bills paid – on time, every time. Put simply – a place for everything and everything in its place; no buying unnecessary duplicates of the same item when the original is easily to hand.

Get Back Your Space, Time & Life

Getting organised will gain you time and the peace of mind that comes from being in control of your environment and your life. Some of the organising services offered by The Clutter Bug include:

  • Initial Consultations
  • In Home Services
  • Home Office Organisation
  • Garages
  • Deceased Estates

If your life would benefit from a bit more professional organisation, contact Leesa Kotis – The Clutter Bug – today

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The Clutter Bug

Our in-home organising service is designed for anything as small as the “second kitchen drawer” to the whole home – and everything in between. This includes, but isn’t limited to, the pantry, wardrobe, whole bedroom, living areas, kids rooms, bathrooms etc.

Don’t Delay

If you need help sorting, de-cluttering and organising, any area in your room, give me a call, Leesa Kotis – The Clutter Bug – today.