My number one rule when working with a client, and sorting items for disposal is NEVER, NEVER throw anything out without the client’s permission.

Why then, at home do I sometimes not follow the same rules?  What is the difference? Nothing . . . absolutely nothing!  Everyone’s personal possessions are theirs, and it is only their decision to let go of something.

My husband, Dean, was recently a victim of my “taking liberties”  And so the story goes . . .

My husband is a huge lover of t-shirts, especially those with motorbike references.  We have been married for 21 years and the fact is, he still has t-shirts that are more than 21 years old in his wardrobe.  The collars are desintergrating, there are numerous holes from where the fabric has completely worn away and originally black t-shirts now look a muddy, blotchy gray!  How could he possibly need these, or want to wear them anymore? Why would he notice they are missing when I have all his newer t-shirts in a more visible position in his wardrobe?  Apparently, like my daughters, he notices if anything has been moved or missing.

There was a heated discussion, and knowing my rules with clients, rightfully asked why I didn’t give him the same choices.

Hmmmm, he’s right.  I should give him the same choices, and respect that I give me clients.  After much discussion I discovered that he would have been completely OK if they had gone into the rag bag in the garage.  Technically he would still have them, and they would serve a purpose. I also have to admit that he does wear them while doing the gardening or working on cars/bikes etc.

So, in the future I will no longer be “taking liberties” with Dean’s stuff . . . although you might want to stay tuned . . . why does anyone need hubcaps from a 1974 450SL Mercedes????

Yes, this is actually one of the offending t-shirts

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