Just about every kitchen one has one. The drawer where all the larger utensils live, a catch-all for smaller items eg batteries, safety pins, small screwdrivers etc and generally is impossible to find anything.

This is one small organising job that doesn’t take long to complete, will enable you to find kitchen utensils much more quickly and once organised is so much easier to keep that way.

  1. Give the drawer a clean
  2. Donate or throw away any items that are never used.  You would be surprised at the number that are hiding in the bottom of that drawer!!
  3. Separate all larger utensils into two groups 1. Utensils up to 20cm and 2. Utensils longer than 20cm
  4. Purchase a couple of plastic baskets to fit your drawer size and large utensil cups.  These are so easy to source now at $2.00 shops, variety stores and for more decorative items check out drawer dividers/cups at Howards Storage World.  In my drawer I have one large basket and 2 medium size.  I have two cups that are 18cm in height (stores utensils up to 20cm) and one 18cm in height (stores utensils longer than 20cm).
  5. Arrange baskets in drawer as required.  In the basket closest to front of drawer place the most commonly used items, can opener, vegetable peeler, bottle opener (gives you an idea of my priorities) etc. Continue to place items in level of importance.
  6. Divide the utensils for the buckets as preferred.  I keep my utensil cups in the cupboard left of the stove.  This provides easy access when cooking and they are hidden from view.  If you don’t have cupboard space find a place on your bench close to the stove.  This is where gorgeous utensil holders can be on display.
  7. Try to educate the rest of the family with the new organisation of the drawer and where items are now kept.