Last Wednesday morning I received a phone call from Sophie, who introduced herself, as a Producer from The Today Show on Channel 9.  My heart immediately jumped into my throat.  They couldn’t possibly want me to appear on TV could they?  The answer was “Yes”.  Panic set in.  I couldn’t possibly do that could I.  My first reaction was to tell her that I thought she might have the wrong person to do that.  Maybe another Professional Organiser might be able to help out.  After continuing to chat on the phone for about 20 minutes she assured me that I would be fine and would send me some further information.  I hung up the phone, agreeing to her request.  The second wave of panic sets in.  All the obvious questions run through my head.  “What should I talk about”, “What if I mess up on national television”, “they don’t even know what I look like”, and “OMG!  What should I wear?”

Sophie sends me some suggested topics, asks me to be there an hour before appearing to have my hair and make-up done, and will send a car to pick me up! Crazy! I tell my husband Dean that we don’t really need a car and that we can drive ourselves.  He makes the point that I may never have this opportunity again, and why not make the most of it, have fun, and let them send the car.  I’m glad he did.  From the minute we got in the car, the excitement of what was to unfold was overwhelming. For once the traffic Gods were kind to us on the M2 and we arrived 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  Prue, who looks after all the guests, meets Dean and I in reception, and takes me straight to hair and make-up.  The station is like a rabbit warren.  Stairs and hallways everywhere.  Hair first.  Everyone makes you feel comfortable and asks what I’m going to be talking about.  Off to make-up!  The make-up artists are discussing how everyone’s make-up is spread everywhere and causing clutter.  The girls immediately says “so what are you talking about on the show this morning?”.  I reply, “Strangely enough I’m here to discuss de-cluttering and organising”.  I’m feeling more at ease all the time. I think of my daughter Georgia, who is a Make-Up Artist.  She would have been in absolute Heaven.

When make-up is finally done, we are taken to the Green Room to wait until we are called.  I chat to a lovely lady, also her first time on TV, named Chris Burke.  Chris has climbed 8 of the highest mountains in the world, including Everest. An absolutely amazing woman who wants to empower young women and girls to achieve their goals.  I wish we had more time to chat.  We were both interested in each others story.

Prue reappears and says it is time to get on set.  Sophie, the Producer, is there to meet me and have a quick chat to go over what is going to be discussed.  They have run over-time so the slot is shorter, but for a first-timer that was fine for me.  I’m introduced to the hosts, Tim & Alicia, who are also wonderful and I feel completely calm.  I’m glad to see that there is no live audience.  The senior producer counts us down, “and in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” . . . and we are on!!!

 Hair – still looking a little bit nervous!                                                            Make-Up – Feeling more relaxed